How Life Changes So Fast (Part One)

It has been a long time since I have written anything here.  There are so many things that I would like to say, but for right now I just want to give a big picture, brief overview of all that has happened since I last posted.  It looks like I posted last in April, so let me begin with May.

May we took a ministry trip to Mpika and Kasama which are North of Lusaka about 6-8 hrs.  The Ministry there went well (you can read about that in one of our newsletters), but the most important event of that trip was we found out that we were expecting our first child.  Wow!  That was a pretty exciting moment.  Little did we know how much that was going to change our life plans.

The month of June was our Bible School term, which is our busy time in Zambia.  I taught the first week on the book of Acts, and on Friday I began to feel the beginning of a fever.  After a misdiagnosis of malaria, and two nights in the hospital the doctor diagnosed me with Hepatitis A.  This was the worst sickness I have ever had in my life.  The doctor ordered me on bed rest for three weeks and a no fat no protein diet.  My courageous wife ran the Bible School term while I laid around all day.

While i was on bed rest from my bout with Hep A we received the news from our Mission board that they thought it was in our best interest to return to the USA for a few years to have our children, and return to Africa sometime in the future.  This was very difficult to hear and accept at the time, but we knew God was looking out for our best interest and began to make plans to return home.

I was feeling well enough by the month of July to take a two week trip to Harare Zimbabwe where I taught in a Theological College for two weeks and other church ministry.

August brought us some visitors – Maria Borrayo and Andrew Hamilton.  We enjoyed a little vacation time with them for two weeks, and then we were quickly moving towards packing up our belongings, selling all we could, and preparing to move back to the USA.


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