Zeal Without Knowledge Part 4 (Evangelism Training)

Evangelism Training

This is not meant to be an indictment against anyone, but a little training in evangelism would have really helped me in those early days to balance my zeal with knowledge.  I recommend to pastors to make evangelism a priority in your churches and actually teach and train your people how to witness and evangelize.  If that is not your gift or do not know where to begin please invite an evangelist that you know and can trust to come and hold some training sessions with your members (and you too).  There are so many resources out there to help equip the common Christian to be an effective witness for Christ.  The blog post you are reading right now (and many of the others here) is an excerpt from a book that is currently being developed for the purpose of equipping people in evangelism.

I mentioned before that the Lord did not give me that privilege, and I know that it was his plan for me to do things this way.  If you do not have the resources or proper training to evangelize – don’t let it stop you!  Whatever you do – do not use that as an excuse to not evangelize.  Trust that the Lord can lead you and guide you just as he did me in my journey.

You will make mistakes, with or without training, but the important thing is to get out there and evangelize.  Training is good, but experience and practice make the best teachers in evangelism.  I have had the privilege of doing seminars on the topic of evangelism, and teaching congregations very practical methods for evangelism.  There are other great materials out there such as “The Way of the Master Basic Training Course” by Living Waters that can equip Christians to share their faith effectively, and confidently.

Check Back Soon….

Pastor Justin


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