Welcome to Bizarro World

If the LGBT community ruled the world what would it look like?

  1. Anti-discrimination laws actually mean that discrimination against everyone that disagrees with you is still acceptable.
  2. Freedom of Speech only applies if you are not a Christian or anyone else who might disagree with your agenda, and then those people are accused of hate speech. And if you do disagree with us you are not even allowed to speak of it in the privacy of a church building or your own home, or we will come after your rights of privacy too.
  3. Freedom of religion only exists so long as you do not disagree with us or our lifestyle.
  4. Your freedom to run your private property as you see fit is fine as long as you allow us to use your private property for any LGBT gathering that we choose. This includes but is not limited to having a homosexual wedding on the privately owned property of a Christian, or a privately owned business being forced to make a cake for a homosexual wedding/event.
  5. If you are famous (like the Duggars) and you have a view that disagrees with us we will do everything in our power to destroy you and remove you from any public platform.
  6. You are free to use social media (i.e. Facebook) as you please, but if you do not post what we want when we want on YOUR page we will accuse you of hating us.
  7. Equality actually means giving us “extra rights” that others do not have. In times past we all had the same rights.  A man could marry a woman…I could not marry a man, it was the law…the same law for all citizens.  That is equality.  If I fell in love with my dog, or an eight year old child, the law does not allow me to marry them.  Same laws apply!
  8. Tolerance means you have to tolerate everything that we do, but we cannot tolerate your beliefs because they disagree with ours.

Call me crazy, but this somehow resembles the philosophies of Marxist regimes, Nazi Germany, or other dictatorial regimes throughout the world.  The crazy thing to me is that they (the LGBT community) are not even remotely in the majority.  I can’t believe that our leaders are going along with this.  Where is real democracy?  I am not advocating hate or discrimination, but doesn’t anyone else think this is like living in Bizarro world?


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