God is at Work in the Wilderness

The Lord has recently been impressing on my heart the importance of the work he does in our lives during the wilderness seasons of our journey.  Young David was a man who was anointed and appointed by God to be the King of Israel.  He may have expected that he would walk into his destiny in a matter of weeks, but it was not so.  David experienced promotion after defeating Goliath, and was even made the son-in-law of the King.  He must have thought his destiny was so close he could taste it.  However, Saul became a raging lunatic and drove him out of the palace, out of the country, and into hiding.  Some scholars say four years, some say as long as fifteen years, he lived as a vagabond  running from Saul.  I am sure he questioned God – “are you sure you gave me these promises?”  “Did I make these up?”  “Am I sure I heard from you clearly?”  Everything in his life seemed to go the opposite direction from what God said would happen.  Out there in the wilderness he struggled with depression, at times even longing for death, crying out “How long God, will you forget me forever?”  But God was at work.

God wanted to teach David how to lead people.  He brought men and women to him in the wilderness.  They were not the stable, committed godly men that every church-planter asks God for, but God brought David men who were “in debt, discontented, in distress.”  Presumably, some were rebellious, and offended.  They were the outcasts of society, but God had not given up on them.  From this group of about 400 men, God used David to transform them into a group of expert military special-ops personnel of about 40 men.  This is remarkable!  The same can be true in your life.  God is in the business of transformation!

I want to encourage you today, maybe you are in debt, discontented, offended, rebellious.  Maybe you have been mistreated, wounded, and cast out by certain people in society.  Maybe you feel like you are in the wilderness, and God has forgotten you.  Today, I want you to be encouraged that God has not given up on you – No, He is at work in the wilderness.  It just may be that he is going to take you and transform you into a mighty man or woman for his glory.  If you would look up to God, and give your all to him (Repent where repentance is necessary). Truly, he can make all things beautiful in his time.  He works all things together for good, when we love him and are committed to his calling on our lives.  Though things do not seem good right now, he is able to do amazing miracles and and a work of transformation in your life.  Amen!  God is at work in the wilderness.

Be Blessed!

I recently spoke a message about the subject.  Just click here to listen (will take you to a church’s website).  https://www.mtzionchurch.faith/messages/the-trial-of-the-wilderness/




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