Dead Sea versus the Sea of Galilee

Have you been in a rut in your Christian walk? Do you feel stagnant and lifeless? The answer may be found by comparing these two bodies of water—the Dead Sea, and the Sea of Galilee. The Dead Sea is so named because there is no life that can be sustained in its waters. It is full of minerals, but zero fish, and no life. The reason for this is because there is no outlet. Water flows into the Dead Sea, but no water flows out of it. Conversely, the Sea of Galilee is filled with fish and life. It has water flowing in, as well as water flowing out through the Jordan River. It cleanses itself of excess minerals and salt by flowing out. Because there is flowing in and out, the Sea of Galilee sustains much marine life. Many Christians continually receive great teaching from the Word of God. Their lives are like the Jordan River that has been flowing into the Dead Sea. If Christians do not have an outflow of life to others, they become stagnant and dead. The remedy to feeling stuck in a rut, becoming stagnant and lifeless is to find an outlet through which we can flow. Witnessing to others brings life and refreshment to our own souls. It is good for us, just like exercise and fresh air. Furthermore, there is an inner cleansing that comes into our life as we actively engage in evangelism. We become more conscious of the fact that people are watching us; this should cause us to walk more circumspectly and ultimately, victoriously over fear and sin. Having an outflow can bring a deep change into our lives and cause us to become more holy.


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