About Us

prayer cardHello, my name is Justin Steward.  I am married to my lovely wife, Alyssa and we have two little boys and a baby girl named Samuel, Jeremiah, and Tirzah.  I am an evangelist and we are Bible teachers.  God has called us to preach the Gospel and teach His Word.  I spent five years ministering as a missionary in Africa, my wife joined me for the last 1 1/2 years of that time.  The Lord used me to open a Bible College in the country of Zambia where my wife and I taught and administrated.

I burn with a passion for souls to be turned to Christ, for believers to be grounded in the faith, and for them to go on towards God’s high and holy calling.  We have seen and believe the Lord to move with his miraculous power bringing men and women healing, deliverance, Baptism in the Spirit, and salvation.  We are currently based in the USA.  We are available to preach, hold a seminar, or teach.

To contact us:

Email: jms22782@hotmail.com

Phone: 917-983-0004

My Testimony

I became a Born again Christian when I was a very young boy, about the age of seven.  I loved the Lord and became aware of His calling on my life shortly thereafter.  I knew that I would be a preacher, a missionary, and a doctor someday – I even told my third grade teacher so.  I assumed that I would be medical doctor, but the Lord had another plan.  My teenage years were turbulent and I struggled to walk with the Lord.  I eventually backslid and left the church at the age of 19.  I was a wannabe rock star, and began to pursue that dream.  I lived the life of drugs and alcohol and began to sink into deep depression.  I began to despair of my own life.  I felt like I had reached the bottom of the barrel when the Lord began to move in His sovereignty  in my life.  One day when I was about 22 years old he gave me a revelation of my true condition – and I realized that if I was to die in that state that I would be eternally lost and in hell.  That frightened me!  It was just about a week later that the Lord reminded me of the call I had felt on my life as a boy – the call to preach.

There were three fateful days though, that really brought the turning point in my life.  I was working third shift at the time as a radiology technician – on my way home at about 6:00 in the morning I heard a voice – whether it was audible or just within my heart I may never know – but the voice was as real as ever.  The voice said to me “Justin, what are you doing with your life?”  I thought that I was losing my mind and continued to drive home, ignoring the Lord.  The next day as I was driving home, same time, the same thing happened to me again “Justin, what are you doing with your life?”  I did not know what to do, I assumed I was still crazy and hearing things, so I continued to drive home.  The third day in a row the Lord spoke to me again  “Justin, what are you doing with your life?”   I felt like what Saul must have felt like on the Damascus Road – I was in shock…. I realized the Lord was trying to get my attention.  I made a decision that day that I was going to get back to church.  The next few months were not easy months – but as I began to make the Lord and His Word the priorities in my life He delivered me from many bondages and addictions.  He did many miracles in my life – including a supernatural healing of my physical body.  He made it clear that I was to fulfill His calling on my life, and I needed to prepare for that calling by going to Bible School.  I went to Zion Ministerial Institute for two years where the Lord began to go deeper into my heart and my life – exposing the deepest and darkest areas, and set me free by his light, and also prepare me with the knowledge of His Word.  The Lord used that school and these Godly anointed teachers to transform my life.

His calling became more and more clear as I was at Bible School.  I finished a Diploma and a Bachelors in Theology in 2008, and Zion Fellowship International sent me to Lesotho as a missionary in 2009, while there I was able to finish a Masters degree.  Through the Lord’s providence in 2012 he moved me from Lesotho to Zimbabwe, then to the country of Zambia, and recently back home to the USA.  I married my lovely wife, Alyssa, in March 2013.  We now have two boys Samuel, and Jeremiah.  They were both born premature and are God’s little miracle babies.  We have a little girl – Tirzah Sophia who was born at full-term and completely natural – another miracle from the Lord.  They are a great blessing from the Lord.

I am a Christian Pentecostal Minister.  I love the Lord Jesus Christ and am sold out to His calling on my life. I have written a book entitled The Messenger of God: Lessons from the Life and Ministry of John the Baptist, and recently finished a second.  Stay tuned for future writings.


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