The New Believer’s Course

The New Believer’s Course is designed to teach new believers, or any believers the foundations of the Christian faith and to assist them in being established as disciples of Jesus.  Each lesson has a short reading and a ten question test at the end.  Simply click on the link below and it will open as a PDF.  They can be printed and distributed at no cost (but let us know if you are using it and if it is a blessing to you).  Use the contact form below send us your answers in the comments.   Those who complete all the lessons can ask for a certificate of completion.  God Bless you as you grow in the knowledge of Him and His Word

Lesson 1 The seed Must Grow

Lesson 2 Jesus Came to Give You Life

Lesson 3 what does it mean to be a Christian

Lesson 4 How can I be sure I am a Christian 

Lesson 5 Knowledge of Gods Word

Lesson 6 Knowledge of the Word of God Part2

Lesson 7_The importance of Prayer

Lesson 8_Growing in Grace

Lesson 9 Baptism in Water

Lesson 10 Jesus Your Deliverer

Lesson 11 The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Lesson 12_God Has a Plan

Lesson 13_The Christian’s Attitude Towards Money and Giving

Lesson 14 Sharing Your Faith with Others

Lesson 15 who is Jesus?

Lesson 16. Jesus is Coming Again

Lesson 17 You are on a Journey


(More lessons coming soon – there are 17 in the course)


Any questions please contact us below, or use for submitting test answers.


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